Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Maurice Aguirre: insurance policy choices

Over the past couple of days, we've gained two crucial information into how President Donald Trump can make economic and unfamiliar insurance policy choices.

First, we discovered that Trump will objective and bully individual companies based on his whims. Along with his open public cowing of Carrier, we now have his guarantee he will seek out "retribution" for "any company that foliage our land for an additional nation, fires its staff, [or] develops a fresh production line or grow in the other country" (points companies do on a regular basis). There's also his mercurial tweet guaranteeing to terminate the next Air Pressure One order from Boeing, which stunned brokers.

We have also found out that if you hire the correct lobbyist, you will get Trump to get rid of with several years of diplomatic precedent. By employing Bob Dole as its lobbyist, government entities of Taiwan obtained privileged entry to Trump's interior group of friends, which set the stage for his dubious call with Taiwan's innovator.

What these innovations share is they transmission that precedent or guideline of rules is not really helpful information for insurance policy. It doesn't subject how stuff had been completed or precisely what the regulation affirms. As Rep. Peter Master (R-NY) place it, "What Donald Trump is performing is he's giving a signal that there exists a new sheriff in town and he's heading to do it his way."

Put simply, everything is already on the dinner table - and because the older Washington adage moves, "If you're not while dining, you're probably about the food list."

And in Washington, how you can obtain a seat while dining would be to retain the services of effectively-linked lobbyists. Like, say, Bob Dole.

For businesses, using a big reputation in Washington is definitely crucial. And also as I defined during my reserve on company lobbying, The Organization of United states Is Lobbying, businesses came to overpower Washington during the last 4 years, committing at any time-higher sums into shaping public policy.

In the Trump administration, I concern these problems will simply get worse. By both damaging person organizations and signaling that things are available, he delivers a precise information to every individual firm and overseas government: Deliver your lobbyists to Washington to create good with me. If I don't as if you, I'm arriving as soon as you. And when you work with the right lobbyists, I am going to shower room wonderful advantages for you.

As Larry Summers has convincingly argued, this really is not a way to run economic climate insurance policy: "This is the realm of New York beneath Tammany Hallway, of Suharto's Indonesia, and of Putin's Russia."

A lot for "draining the swamp."

As I've presently composed, Trump's specific "drain the swamp" proposals - employing freezes for your government employees, phrase limitations for Congress, as well as some aesthetic lobbying bans - can do nothing to lessen the effect of lobbyists and particular interests. Very likely, by reduction of the ability of federal government to produce knowledge independent of lobbyists, it is going to actually make Washington a lot more influenced by exclusive lobbyists.

But possibly, in answering distinct insurance policy proposals, I was making the most popular error of taking Trump way too literally. Probably, instead, whenever we are going to acquire Trump very seriously, we need to pay more attention to his steps than his proposals.

And his activities inform us that every company and international govt far better get as a result of Washington to make good. As if it doesn't work with the proper lobbyists, it might be after that.

Boeing, which usually spends about $20 thousand annually on noted lobbying, will most likely be good. Its 86 signed up lobbyists have ample good friends in Washington, and will surely protect a meeting with Trump to area stuff up and clean up any misunderstandings. However, not each and every firm has this kind of huge Washington footprint.

Additionally there is a much more banal cause should be expected a lobbying increase in 2017. For the first time since 2010, when overall documented lobbying spending strike a record great of $3.5 billion, now there is unified govt. Considering that 2011, when split government-caused gridlock set in, reported lobbying costs have dropped gradually, slipping to $3.2 billion dollars in 2015.

This modifications given that Republicans have unified handle. A great deal much more is now potentially about the table: the Reasonably priced Proper care Take action; Dodd-Frank; a major structure bill. If Congress uses up the 3 (as well as just one), 1000s of firms and also other passions will want to ensure there is a prime chair while dining.

All this results in a straightforward prediction: For Washington lobbyists, 2017 pledges to become a great calendar year for company. You will see loads of unpredictability and mayhem.

And lobbyists make big dollars from unpredictability and chaos. Even if their clientele don't.In the last day or two, we've acquired two important information into how President Donald Trump can make financial and foreign policy selections.

Maurice Aguirre: Initial, we discovered that Trump will objective and bully personal companies based on his whims. Along with his general public cowing of Service provider, we now have his assurance that he or she will seek "retribution" for "any company that foliage our country for another land, fires its staff members, [or] strengthens a brand new manufacturer or plant from the other country" (points organizations do constantly). There's also his mercurial tweet guaranteeing to terminate the following Air Pressure A single purchase from Boeing, which surprised buyers.

We have also discovered that when you retain the services of the right lobbyist, you can get Trump to interrupt with several ages of diplomatic precedent. By employing Bob Dole as the lobbyist, the government of Taiwan received privileged entry to Trump's inner group of friends, which set the point for his controversial call with Taiwan's leader.

What these improvements have in common is they indicate that precedent or guideline of rules is not helpful tips for coverage. It doesn't issue how stuff was once accomplished or precisely what the legislation says. As Representative. Peter King (R-NY) put it, "What Donald Trump has been doing is he's mailing a signal that there is a new sheriff around and he's proceeding to do it his way."

In other words, everything is already around the dinner table - and because the older Washington saying will go, "If you're not at the table, you're most likely around the food selection."

And then in Washington, the best way to get yourself a seating while dining would be to hire effectively-linked lobbyists. Like, say, Bob Dole.

For businesses, developing a major presence in Washington is definitely important. So when I defined during my guide on corporate and business lobbying, This Business of The united states Is Lobbying, businesses have come to overwhelm Washington over the past several years, committing possibly-higher sums into shaping public plan.

Inside a Trump management, I fear these complications will simply get worse. By equally damaging personal firms and signaling that all things are offered, he transmits a definite message to each individual company and overseas authorities: Send out your lobbyists to Washington to make wonderful with me. Should I don't just like you, I'm emerging once you. Of course, if you employ the proper lobbyists, I am going to shower room wonderful incentives for you.

As Larry Summers has convincingly asserted, this really is no way to perform economic climate coverage: "This is the realm of New York City less than Tammany Hallway, of Suharto's Indonesia, as well as Putin's Russia."

A lot for "emptying the swamp."

As I've previously created, Trump's distinct "deplete the swamp" proposals - hiring freezes for the government workforce, term restrictions for Congress, and a few plastic lobbying bans - will do absolutely nothing to minimize the effect of lobbyists and specific passions. More likely, by reducing the capacity of federal government to produce skills impartial of lobbyists, it will can even make Washington more reliant on individual lobbyists.

But possibly, in answering distinct plan proposals, I used to be making the most popular error of consuming Trump way too actually. Perhaps, instead, once we will be to consider Trump significantly, we have to be more conscious of his steps than his proposals.

Along with his actions inform us that each business and foreign government greater get right down to Washington making wonderful. If it doesn't employ the proper lobbyists, it can be up coming.

Boeing, which usually spends about $20 thousand per year on documented lobbying, might be great. Its 86 registered lobbyists have plenty of buddies in Washington, and will absolutely protected a meeting with Trump to patch issues up and get rid of any misunderstandings. However, not each and every business has this kind of big Washington footprint.

Additionally there is a more banal explanation to anticipate a lobbying thrive in 2017. The very first time because 2010, when complete claimed lobbying paying hit a record substantial of $3.5 billion dollars, there is unified government. Considering that 2011, when divided federal government-stimulated gridlock that is set in, claimed lobbying expenditures have lowered gradually, slipping to $3.2 billion in 2015.

This changes seeing that Republicans have single management. A lot far more is currently probably around the table: the Affordable Proper care Respond; Dodd-Frank; a significant structure monthly bill. If Congress uses up the 3 (or even merely one), a large number of businesses as well as other likes and dislikes may wish to make sure there is a perfect seat at the table.

This all results in a straightforward prediction: For Washington lobbyists, 2017 pledges to become great year for business. You will see plenty of unpredictability and chaos.

And lobbyists make big bucks from unpredictability and mayhem. Regardless of whether the clientele don't.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maurice Aguirre - Selection of lobbying related terms

Selection of lobbying related terms:

Maurice Aguirre: Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA): This law requires any lobbyist who represents a foreign government, elected official or political party as a foreign agent to file his financial information and published materials with the Department of Justice. This only applies to foreign public officials; lobbyists representing foreign private companies register under the LDA. See the full text of the law, forms, and other disclosure requirements at

Client: In cases where a lobbying firm or other organization represents a person's or group's interests, the person or group being represented is considered the client.

Constituent Event: An exception to the gift rule. Congressional members or staff may attend this type of event for free as long as there are more than 5 constituents also attending and any meal provided to a Congressional guest is less than $50. Lobbyists are not permitted to attend these events.

LD-203: A form individual lobbyists must file detailing their contributions equal to or more than $200 to candidate committees, leadership PACs and federal party committees, as well as contributions to entities controlled or named after covered legislative branch officials, and events held in honor of a covered legislative branch official. Individual lobbyists are also required to verify that they have read and understood the House and Senate Gift Rules and did not give a gift in violation of those rules. This form is required to be filed with the Secretary of the Senate on a semi-annual basis on July 30 and Jan. 30.

527 Group: Named after the tax code in which they fall under, these groups raise money specifically for issue advocacy. Some of these groups (such as the Service Employees International Union) are also involved in lobbying. Also known as political organizations.

Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA): Passed in 1995 and amended by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) in 2007, this bill requires those who engage in lobbying activities to register and file quarterly reports with the Clerk of the House and the Senate Office of Public Records. Organizations which are strictly lobbying firms must file reports and registrations for each client that paid the firm more than $2,500 in a three-month timeframe, listing all employees of the firm who have done work on behalf of a client. Organizations which employ in-house lobbyists must file if the amount of money they spend on lobbying exceeds $10,000 within a three-month period.

Internal Revenue Code (IRC): An alternate method for associations and corporations to report their lobbying expenditures on the LD-2. This method provides a narrower range of people who are considered covered executive branch officials, but requires that expenditures for grassroots lobbying and lobbying at the state-level be added into the total amount reported, (which is not required under the LDA filing method).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Maurice Aguirre Dallas Lobbyist

Maurice Aguirre Dallas Lobbyist: The main target of lobbying initiatives

Typically, lobbyists aim on trying to persuade decision-makers: United States Congress, government division organizations like the Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Supreme Court Of The United States, state governments (incorporating governors). Federal agencies have been focused by lobbyists since they write industry-specific rules; accordingly, interest groups choose lobbyists to persuade to make so-called "carve-outs" or to neutralize targeted planning from being passed.

An enormous fraction of overall lobbying is focused on only a few sets of issues, according to one report. It is possible for one level of government to lobby another level; for example, the District of Columbia has been lobbying Congress and the President for greater power, including possible statehood or voting representation in Congress; one assessment in 2011 suggested that the district needed to rethink its lobbying strategy, since its past efforts have only had "mixed results".

Lots of executive branch agencies have the power to write specific rules and are a target of lobbying. Federal agencies such as the State Department make rules such as giving aid money to countries such as Egypt, and in one example, an Egyptian-American businessman named Kais Menoufy organized a lobby to try to halt U.S. aid to Egypt.

Dallas - Maurice Aguirre: Since the Supreme Court has the power of judicial review and can render a congressional law unconstitutional, it has great power to influence the course of American life. For example, in the Roe v. Wade decision, it ruled on the legality of abortion. A variety of forces use lobbying tactics to pressure the court to overturn this decision.

Lobbyists represent their clients' or organizations' interests in state capitols. An example is a former school superintendent who has been lobbying state legislatures in California, Michigan and Nevada to overhaul teacher evaluations, and trying to end the "Last In, First Out" teacher hiring processes; according to one report, Michelle Rhee is becoming a "political force." State governments can be lobbied by groups which represent other governments within the state, such as a city authority; for example, the cities of Tallahassee and St. Petersburg lobbied the Florida legislature using paid lobbyists to represent the city's interests. Maurice Aguirre Dallas

There is lobbying activity at the county and municipal levels, especially in larger cities and populous counties. For example, officials within the city government of Chicago called aldermen became lobbyists after serving in municipal government, following a one-year period required by city ethics rules to abstain from lobbying

Monday, November 2, 2015

Maurice Aguirre Dallas

The Dallas Lobbyist Maurice Aguirre takes Washington, D.C. by storm; he has proven a deep understanding of the legislative process; the power and capacity for thorough research and detailed preparation; the ability and insight to understand all sides of an issue; the ability to present your position persuasively and in the right venues; the ability to craft win-win compromises that create a long-term climate of trust and the firm devotion to vigorously representing your interest.

As Maurice Aguirre states the lobbying is simply advocacy - having your voice heard and your interests represented in the give and take of the political arena. It is an integral part of our Democratic system of government.

Virtually any organization—individual businesses, business and industry groups, professional and trade associations, civic groups, interest groups, non-profit organizations—can benefit from being represented by an experienced and reputable professional lobbyist.

Most recently, Maurice Aguirre has been recognized as one of the nation's top fundraisers for the conservative candidates and causes.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Maurice Aguirre, Dallas - Top donor in the nonprofit sector is also Chief lobbyist for DG Group, LLP

Maurice Aguirre, Dallas is not only an outstanding fundraiser on the nonprofit sector; he is also a top donor for nonprofit sector/causes; he's a popular support of Christian communities, child education programs, animal wellbeing, raising money for nonprofit causes in in the south.

The chief lobbyist for the DG Group, LLP an advocacy organization and public strategy firm established as a unique lobbying firm with customized services; as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process.

Every piece of legislation requires compromises, definitions, debate over who gets included or excluded, and tweaks that the public mostly ignores; that's where lobbyists excel.

When you seek lobbying representation, turn first to the knowledgeable, experienced, proven professionals of DG Group, LLP.

The chief lobbyist Maurice Aguirre, has years of personal experience in the legislature and working within the committees, commissions, boards and councils that carry out the daily business of governing the state.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Maurice Aguirre named The Rainmaker in the Advocacy and Philanthropic World

The Rainmaker in the Advocacy and Philanthropic World

Conservation-oriented environmental groups have focused their fundraising on getting donors more involved in "places that matter" and showing them the impact of their gifts, said Maurice Aguirre, co-founder and principal for a firm that provides management consulting for nonprofits, including environmental organizations.

Recognizing that the environment is "visually compelling", Maurice Aguirre said, environmental organizations also are providing donors and prospective donors with images of "what's at stake in terms of nature, and also what some of the threats are."

And those groups are using traditional and digital media to reach a broad range of constituents.

At the end of the day, and not just for environmental groups, you're really looking at a multi-channel integrated strategy for how you're going to engage your constituents, Maurice Aguirre said.

Certain strategies resonate more with some groups than others. But it's having full
portfolios of ways to engage people that can be so effective.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Political Consultant and major nonprofit fundraiser is based in Washington, DC's

Political Consultant and major nonprofit fundraiser is based in Washington, DC's

With growth in fundraising increasing only modestly in recent years, Maurice Aguirre has been diversifying its fundraising and focusing on its impact... That strategy has included targeting women, young professionals, and major donors; engaging workplace donors as volunteers; focusing on solving community problems; and 'productizing' priority community initiatives to generate new investment opportunities for individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Maurice Aguirre the chief lobbyist for the DG Group, LLP also has made it a priority to use mobile and social media strategies to engage donors.

Maurice Aguirre is partnering with companies to connect with individual donors, often by providing opportunities to volunteer for community projects that are in sync with the companies business.

"It's a holistic strategic approach to solving community problems, and you can create investment opportunities for individuals, high-end donors, corporations, and foundations that bring investment into our work"